Wireless speakers can sometimes break down. That can happen for number of reasons. However, in many cases there are ways for you to debug and actually resolve problems. Just imagine using a pair of wireless speakers during outdoor party. Then all of a sudden the speakers stop working. Your guests obviously are disappointed. What better way to continue the party by you being able to figure out what actually went wrong in fixing it. Okay, let’s go over some of the common causes of problems.

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Just as any other audio equipment, wireless speakers have several components that can fail. The first component is power. Some speakers use internal batteries for power while others rely on an external wallwart. Both of these can fail. Obviously, if the speaker runs from batteries then the batteries can be depleted. If that happens the …

Wireless technology has come a long way in the last few years. There not only different technologies being developed for sending data wirelessly but also some neat protocols are being devised which are designed for allowing streaming of real-time audio. Streaming of such audio poses several challenges compared to transferring data. When setting data, the latency as well as gender between different packets usually doesn’t matter much. Especially when surfing the Internet, the user doesn’t mind if it takes half a second longer for Internet page to pull out. However, audio signals are much more critical and also video signals.

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That is because often times wireless audio is being stream to speakers which are used in conjunction with a video projector. Obviously, the audio has to be in sync with the video. Otherwise there would be a loss of lip …

Wireless speakers come in all different shapes and sizes. Entry-level speakers usually have a single speaker element. However, more sophisticated speakers are two-way or even three-way speakers, meaning that they have several acoustic drivers. There are several methods for driving these acoustic drivers. In this post I’m going to review some of these methods which are typically used in modern wireless speakers.

new-generation wireless speakers

Every wireless speaker by definition is an active speaker. An active speaker differs from passive speakers in that it doesn’t connect to speaker cable but instead takes a wireless audio signal and amplifies the audio such that the acoustic elements can be driven to sufficient volume. A power amplifier is at the heart of such a speaker. Usually Class-D amplifiers are used nowadays. These amplifiers have the highest amount of efficiency and are fairly small and inexpensive. The …

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